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Starry Night and Windows 8 Compatibility

Keiron Smith
posted this on September 7, 2012, 14:49

Starry Night 6 will run on Windows 8.

Starry Night requires support for OpenGL 1.4 at a minimum.  OpenGL support is determined by the manufacturer of the graphics card found inside your computer. The manufacturer of the graphics card develops and releases a driver that once installed can initiate support for OpenGL.  With the release of Windows 8 the manufacturer's of all the graphics cards on the market will be developing and releasing new drivers that will allow their specific cards to support OpenGL.  OpenGL is not only important for Starry Night.  OpenGL is required for many of the high-performance video games on the market today.  So, drivers will be developed and released as quickly as possible.  However, there may be a lag between the official release date for Windows 8 (general availability is set for October 26th, 2012) and the release of some Windows 8 graphics card drivers.  Specifically, older graphics cards may not receive priority support from their manufacturer.  In these cases, where the graphics card manufacturer has not yet developed and released a new Windows 8 driver, Starry Night may not run on the computer that is using that graphics card.  All recently purchased computers (and aftermarket graphics cards) will likely find immediate driver support for Windows 8 and Starry Night will run as expected.


If you want to determine whether your computer or graphics card currently has Windows 8 driver support please see the following KB article: 


For a  list of Intel graphics cards supported under Windows 8 see this KB article:

For a  list of AMD/ATI/Xpress/Radeon graphics cards supported under Windows 8 see this KB article:

For a  list of Nvidia graphics cards supported under Windows 8 see this KB article:




If further assistance is required please submit a ticket.  Please put "Windows 8 Driver" in the title.


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