Starry Night Chromebook | Installing From Chrome Store


    1. If Starry Night is not yet added to Chrome OS then on the Starry Night Chrome Store product page choose "Add to Chrome".  Using your Chromebook you can find the Starry Night apps here:

    SN High School:

    SN Middle School:

    If you see "Rate it" then Starry Night has already been added to Chrome OS so click on the image icon instead (and read more about where to find it on your Chromebook here)

    Important! If you're using the app at school, some apps may be blocked. Contact the Chromebook Administrator in your IT department to setup a managed Chromebook. See the “Managed Chromebooks” section below.



    2. After it finishes installing press the "Launch App" button.



    Now Starry Night should open up and you can enter your login code!



    Possible Problems:

    3. If Starry Night asks you to re-enable the app then press the "Re-enable" button.



    4.  If Starry Night does not start after launching and you see a "Restore" button in the browser then press the "Restore" button.



    5. If you had to restore the browser then you will have return to the SNHS product page in the Chrome Store and both Launch the App again and Re-enable the app again.



    6. Now Starry Night should definitely open up and you can enter your login code!


    Enjoy Starry Night High School on Chromebook!


    Managed Chromebooks:

    The Starry Night Chrome application can easily be pre-loaded (force-installed) on multiple Chromebooks if your organization has purchased licenses to allow them to be managed by the Google Admin Console.  Using the Google Admin Console a person with Administrator privileges, such as someone from the IT department, can easily select the Starry Night application from the Chrome Web Store and add it to a list of Chrome apps to be pre-installed on the user or organizational unit.

    As a result, when this user or a member of this organizational unit logs into a managed Chromebook, the Starry Night app will be automatically pre-loaded (force-installed) on that device. It can also be automatically added to their Launcher window for convenience.

    Important!  Managed Chromebooks can end up with very limited storage space unless certain settings are applied.  Please see the following KB article about Best Practices for Starry Night on Managed Chromebook

    For more information on managing Chrome devices, visit  


    Firewall Whitelist:

    If you experience slow response, partial operation, or slow loading of the application or its components, it is possible that your school’s firewall is blocking some or all of the back & forth communication with our license servers. Simply adding to your firewall “whitelist” will resolve the problem.