Telescopes, Starry Night and Mac OSX 10.7 & 10.8+


    Yes, Starry Night can control your telescope on a Mackbook Pro OSX 10.8+. Starry Night has Mac drivers built in.

    I have Starry Night controlling a 1992 original Celestron 8 on a Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.3.

    You will need an RS232 connection (that should be included with the mount) and USB-to-Serial connection; plus a USB-to-Serial software driver.

    My Serial-to-USB cable connection is from The Source: Nexxtech brand name ($50).

    I installed the USB-to-Serial OSX 10.8 driver from this company: Prolific.

    Sign in with "guest" "guest" Download the driver.

    Or download the driver attached to this article.


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      Jay DeShan

      Trying to control my CGEM II with Starry Night via wifi. Wifi works for the iOS SkyPortal app, my MacPro running Yosemite "sees" the wireless Celestron signal and can connect to it. However, I get a communication error when trying to connect SN7 to the CGEM. I have Starry Night 7 Pro. There was also a Celestron version that came with the CGEM that i discovered after buying Starry Night. It's no big deal that I have both, but I was wondering if the Celestron version just worked out of the box with specific software for the CGEM?

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