Installing on Windows 7 using XP Compatibility Mode (Windows 7 installation problems)


    The Issue:  When I insert my Starry Night DVD on Windows 7 it proceeds to load. I select "Full Install" and leave all the other items at default.  After only a few seconds, I get the screen that says "Install complete". However, nothing else happens. I can not find an icon to start the software. 

    The Problem:  Older versions of Starry Night (XP compatible only) need to be installed on Windows 7 using special procedures.

    The solution:  First, Install the latest version of Java from  

    Second, install using compatibility mode. With the disc in the drive, click Start -> Computer. Double-click on your optical (DVD/CD) drive to view its contents. (Ignore or cancel the program if it starts to install.) Right-click on the Setup or Install icon and choose "Troubleshoot Compatibility." Follow the instructions on screen. If you are asked for a compatibility mode, choose "Windows XP."