Windows 10 Problems - Get Your Graphics Card Driver Here!


    Problem #1:

    You upgraded to Windows 10 - you're trying run Starry Night software and you have encountered difficulty getting the app to successfully run.


    Please read this KB article here and update/install a Windows 10 graphics card driver:

    Problem #2:

    While it is possible to install Windows 10 on many older computers Windows 10 is not always officially supported by the manufacturer of that computer, nor the manufacturer of the graphics card in that computer.  If Windows 10 is not officially supported on your computer/graphics card then there will be no Windows 10 graphics card driver available for you to install.

    Starry Night requires support for OpenGL.  Support for OpenGL comes with the graphics card driver.

    NO Windows 10 graphics card driver = NO support for OpenGL on Windows 10  = NO Starry Night software on Windows 10.

    Bottom line, you need full graphics driver support for Windows 10 on your computer.  If you do not have graphics driver support then Starry Night will not run.

    Is Windows 10 supported on your computer?  That requires a little bit of research - start with KB article linked above and contact your computer manufacturer support department for clarification.


    See a complete list of intel graphics cards supported on Windows 8 and Windows 10 here

    Search for Nvidia and Windows 10 driver support here

    Search for AMD and Windows 10 driver support here


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