Visual Basic C++ (The MSVCR100.dll Error message)


    Visual Basic C++ can be installed separately.

    The MSVCR100.dll Error message can be resolved by installing the software above.

    Note: you will need administrator rights in order to install this software (which, if you don't have, is possibly why it did not install with the rest of Starry Night in the first place).


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      THE MSVCR100.dll file is not missing on the system folder of my Windows 10 laptop but Starry Night 8 says it is when the program executes. Starry Night installs ok on my desk top PC.

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      Same problem Win 10 pro desktop, go to link and get message file not found tried reloading as admin still get error. What next?

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      Roger Best

      This is really poorly designed software. On two different computers I had problems opening the program. On both computers it said the .exe file was missing or in the wrong place. It didn't seem to launch reliably within Program Files either. On one computer it FINALLY loaded and worked correctly. On the other it said that this same .dll file listed above is missing. I installed the C++ update, but I'm still getting the same error message. How can companies be so incompetent that their software doesn't even load directly after installation on multiple computers because of missing files and wrong file paths in their own program?!

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Roger,

      Please install BOTH C++ components. One of them will resolve the error message.

      1. vcredist_x86.exe
      2. vcredist_x64.exe


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      Roger Best

      I installed both, uninstalled the program, rebooted, and reinstalled it, and the same things are happening. When I try to launch it, it says the .exe is not found. I manually open the Program Files folder, go to Starry Night Celestron 8, and open the .exe file there. It still says that the .dll file is missing, which can be solved by reinstalling the program.