The sun appears to be in the wrong Zodiac constellation on a given date.


    Astrology uses the constellation boundaries as they existed several thousand years ago. Since that time, the stars have shifted in the sky, due to the precession of the earth, and the astronomical constellation boundaries no longer match the astrological constellation boundaries. Starry Night shows the astronomical constellation boundaries. With Starry Night, you can set the time back to about 600 BC (when the astrological boundaries were set), and you will find that the dates when the sun is in each constellation now match the astrological dates.


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      Road Hammer

      I believe this is not right. we live now not 6.000 years ago, we must be up to date but this is not at all. yo now you imagine every time I have to change my time 6.000 years ago for any view. it doesn't make sense at all. I wander I see zero people find this useful. please give us better reason. we use this great program to be up to date in any prospective looking to the sky but this is not . I see this is not fair. please keiron 

      wrong constalation
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      Keiron Smith

      I'm not sure I understand the problem as you see it.  I found an article online that you might find helpful.  It uses Starry Night to explain the zodiacal "Shuffle" with much detail.

      If you are not happy with the explanation please take some time to clearly state your objections to the way Starry Night represents these facts.