How do I follow the sun's path through the Zodiac over the course of a year?


    Set the time to a time of day where the Sun will be above the horizon all year, for example 12 Noon. Select View->Hide Daylight to turn off sunlight, so that you can see the background stars. Turn on the Zodiac constellations by choosing the Zodiac stick figures from the Constellation Options dialog box in the Constellations layer of the Options pane. Change the time step in the Control Panel to a discreet step of 1 day and press the Forward button in the time mode controls to run time forward and watch the Sun move through the Zodiac.


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      Kim Hosburgh

      How do I get the ecliptic to stay in one position and not swerve up and down? Also, how do I add to the stick figures the illustrations of just the Zodiac signs? I want both the stick figures as well as the illustrations but of just the Zodiac signs.

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Kim,

      What Starry Night program do you have?