How do I change my home location? I have tried changing my home location, but everytime I restart the program, it reverts to the old location?


    You have to change your home location by selecting Set Home Location from the File menu (Windows) or the Starry Night menu (Macintosh) and changing your location from this window. Do not change your information by clicking on "Viewing Location" in the Options menu. This just changes your current viewing location, not your permanent home location.


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      RC Jonson

      Exactly what I needed.  THANKS!

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      Skip S

      I can't tell you how many times I have set home location, from every conceivable menu - it does not retain it.  Every time I open the program, after getting updates, the little window opens telling me to set home location.  Under "File" there is no option to set home location,but there is under "Go."  Here, I have set the location, but it is no longer there the next time I open the program.  Very frustrating. 

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      Claude Martin

      Same problem as Skip S. Never saves the home location.

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      Dan Moore 67

      Same problem as Skip and Claude. Won't save home location.

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      Steven Snook

      Same problem. I did not set my home location during registration so my default is Minneapolis. Tried changing the location in settings in the windows file but UK locations are not listed. There must be a way to do this simple change without de-registering and then reregistering. Very frustrating