Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: Why can't I login to this Starry Night support website?

    A: Our new support system requires that you create a support account.  Registration accounts and Starry Night store accounts will not work.

    Q: I downloaded a free trial version of Starry Night Backyard and I need a registration number. 

    A: I am sorry, but the product you downloaded is so old, it is no longer supported. There are sites out there that try and give you a 'free trial' of our software but do not provide a registration number. Unfortunately, we cannot give out registration numbers for these.

    Unfortunately, our software is so large that we do not offer a free trial.  Please visit the this webpage for help determining which Starry Night program will be best for you:

    Q: What is the difference between the disc and the download version of Pro Plus, Pro and Enthusiast?

    A: The only difference between the disc and the download version of our software is the process of receiving the software. When you purchase the download, you will receive an email with a link to download. When you purchase the disc, you will receive the disc in the mail and you can then install it on your computer.

    The download version is $10 cheaper and you will also avoid shipping/handling charges. A lot of our customers enjoy being able to download as soon as they order instead of waiting for a disc to arrive in the mail.

    We understand that some of our customers may be skeptical and are hesitant on buying a download version in fear of a computer crash or changing computers. Not to worry, we keep a record of all of our customers in a detailed database.  And, all purchased programs will always be available for re-downloading at anytime in the future.

    Q: I try to log into my Starry Night online store account and your site says that it does not recognize my email address.

    A: In June of 2010, we changed our online store. In doing so, we were unable to transfer our online accounts. Fortunately, this does not mean that you are no longer in our database, but if you would like to create a new account, you can do so here:

    Q: I have an older version of Starry Night and it will not work on my new computer.

    A: Unfortunately, as operating systems progress, old software is often no longer compatible, and requires an upgrade. You'll be eligible for an upgrade discount as long as you still have your registration number. You can do so here:

    Q: What version is currently being shipped?

    A: Currently, version 6.3.9 is being shipped. Once you receive the software, you will be prompted to update to the most current version, 6.4.3. This update is free. If you were not prompted to update and would like to, go here:

    Q: What are the main differences between Pro and Pro Plus?

    A: There are two main differences between Pro and Pro Plus.

    1) Pro Plus has Maxim DL plugin. This means if you purchase Maxim DL ( you can use it with your Pro Plus, no further purchase is necessary.

    2) Pro Plus also has All Sky Mosaic  CCD. This gives you a larger and brighter star field - great for projecting.

    What sets Pro and Pro Plus apart from the rest is they both control telescopes. If you want telescope control, you will need either Pro or Pro Plus. If not, Enthusiast may do the trick. For more product descriptions and differences, look at our comparison chart here:

    If you have any further questions, submit a ticket here:


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