Beta Testing New "Pluto Safari" App - iOS and Android


    Hi Stargazers!

    We are beta testing our new iOS and Android "PlutoSafari" app!  Follow along with the NASA New Horizon mission to planet Pluto!

    Would you like to help?  If so, please send me an email here:

    ksmith at simulationcurriculum dot com

    Please tell me what OS you would like to test on - iOS or Android.

    Thanks in advance for all you help!!

    Bug reporting on iPhone or iPad

    If you find a bug in Pluto Safari while using your iPhone or iPad:

    1. Take a screenshot by simultaneously holding the power button and the home button.
    2. Go to the camera roll and find the image
    3. Select share and choose email
    4. In the TO field, enter

    Bug reporting on Android phones/tablets

    If you find a bug in Pluto Safari while using your Android phone or tablet:

    1. Take the screenshot, this is different per device, by convention it can be done by pressing the Power & Volume Down button simultaneously
    2. Find the screenshot you just took in your notifications
    3. Share the screenshot via email to

    Or you can submit a ticket request for assistance here:

    Thanks everyone!

    Kind regards,