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Starry Night 8 Orion SE - Driver Issue - Orion XXG SynScan Alt/AZ Connection

I have installed Starry Night 8 - Orion SE on my Windows 11 laptop. I am getting an error when trying to load the Skyhatcher Telescope driver. I have an Orion XX12G Dob (SynScan Control) and am thinking that driver should work as both models use the exact same control. The SkyWatcher driver will not start and gives the below error.

The scope has built-in WiFi so that is how I would like to connect. Am I missing something and is there a source for a working driver for SN8 for my need?

Thanks in Advance

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    Keiron Smith


    I am not knowledgeable about WiFi connections using SN8 on Windows 11 + SkyWatcher/Orion WiFi.

    Please consult with SkyWatcher/Orion Support and ask how this kind of connection is supposed to be made.

    You may need to use the SynScan Pro app.

    Following info copied from the SkyWatcher website.

    For Windows 10 and above. See 2.0.13 for Windows 7.

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    • Feedbacks are appreciated:
    • Features: (See also Users Manual)
      • Control Sky-Watcher mount by Wi-Fi (mount needs build-in Wi-Fi / external SynScan Wi-Fi dongle) or by USB
      • Works with these third party software: ASCOM, Luminos, Sky Safari, StarSeek, Stellarium, SkyTrack

    This ASCOM driver allows ASCOM clients to connect to SynScan App running on Windows, Android or iOS. After installation, choose "SynScan App Driver" as your telescope in the ASCOM client's ASCOM Telescope Chooser. SynScan App version 1.00 or above is required.
    Please let us know what SkyWatcher/Orion Support suggests.





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