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How will we get product announcements going forward?

Check check check.  Is this thing on?


How will we get product announcements going forward?  I guess I relied on having subscribed to the yahoo list and the announcements you made there would show up in my inbox.  I'm not likely to come here frequently, unless I have a tech support issue to resolve.

Not complaining, I think the forum format is much better for what you are trying to accomplish here.  Kudos for setting it up and transferring the info from the previous venue.


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    Keiron Smith

    Welcome to the New Community Forums, Jarrod!

    You bring up a great point right away, so what we'll do is create a forum for announcements only.  And, at your service, here it is:

    In order to get notified of announcements you will have to follow all activity in that forum.


    Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Jarrod!  

    With support like yours we can definitely succeed with the new forums!


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    Perfect.  Thanks!

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