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user defined objects

At perennial favorite: Let users define objects. At least mark a location R.A. and Dec, so you can slew a telescope to the spot.

Other properties, like magnitude, etc would be a bonus.

As a subset, at least allow celestial poles and Milky Way center to be selected and slewed to.

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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, user defined objects are a perennial favorite.  Tim and I talked about this a couple of days ago and we definitely want to make this happen this year (hopefully in the first half).

    Note that you can slew to the celestial poles by long pressing the GoTo button so the GoTo Coordinates panel opens.  Then just type in 0, 90 or 0,-90 and you should be able to slew to the poles.

    For going to the galactic center, search for Sagittarius A (or Sgr A) and go there.  This is the black hole at the galactic center.



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