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Please Improve The Community Forum Font Size For Mobile Devices

The text of comments is tiny and hard to read.  And, that's on an iPad!

It's so small that one cannot even zoom in enough to make it readable.  It does respond well, however, to one of those Font Size bookmarklets.  I have one for Font Size 24 and it works like a peach.

Now, when one tries to edit a comment, the comment pops up, but the dialog box is not scrollable, and the tap to to a certain position does not seem to work.  One can select text and that is a work around of sorts.  I've found it necessary to start typing anywhere and then delete the entered text in order to activate the actual editing,   On small comments, I ran into a screen flashing and non-entry issue.  

The font size is the more important of the two issues!



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    Bill Tschumy

    Yeah, I agree the font size is about 2 points too small on mobile.  Hopefully Keiron can do something about it.  You think it is too small on iPad, you should try iPhone!

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Guys, 

    As per your request I have bumped up the font size for mobile devices.  

    Please check it out on your phones and tablets, and let me know if that hit the sweetspot!


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    The posts are just barely large enough.

    But the text in the new message editing box is still microscopic!

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    Ed Hubble

    Agree with Dean.  Still pretty small, and especially microscopic in the comment entry box.  

    We've decided here that Bill must have Stephen O'Meara eyes, if the text is only 2 points too small!

    The *posted* comments still display a couple of points too small.  I think this is definitely something that will vary by individual as some of us hold our devices at a reading distance (what our grandparents and parents -- and optometrists -- told us to do with books!), while others poke their eyeballs next to the screen!

    In any event, one can now pinch-zoom the *posted* comments to a decent size.  That doesn't work with the comment entry or comment edit box, however!  Maybe eventually, users could set their preferred font size in their profiles!

    Overall, though, appreciate how fast you guys are responding to our quibbles!


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