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Polar align with Skysafari 5 plus ?

I have a celstron evolution 8 inch scope on a wedge. 

Sksafari has an option for wedge align which is great. but does it have an option for polar align?

This is in the handset menu. the procedure is to do a 2 star align and then hit polar align. The telescope slews to where the star would be if the telescope were polar aligned, you then move the wedge nobs until the star is in the centre of the eyepiece , you should then be polar aligned. 

It is an essential procedure it seems to get good polar alignment or astro photography which is of course the whole point of using a wedge in the first place. i can't find this option in the sky safari app. Is id there , if so where? If not can i suggest adding it for the next release?l 

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    Bill Tschumy

    This is a request you would have to make of Celestron.  They decided the feature set for the Celestron Wi-Fi scope type.  I've asked them about a polar align routine and they said they had no immediate plans to implement it.  You should phrase it as something you want for SkyPortal since that is their branded version of SkySafari.

    That said, can't you just use the hand controller to do you polar align routine and then connect via SkySafari one polar aligned?

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