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Do I need a virtual serial port driver?

I use SkyTools 3 planetarium software to control my Celestron 6se by cable from my desktop computer. Will I need a virtual serial port driver to use SkyFi?

And you say "As long as your computer or iPhone gets its IP address by DHCP..." but how do I find out if this is the case?

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    Bill Tschumy

    Maybe someone else on the list knows better on this, but unless SkyTools (or ASCOM) can natively talk through an IP address and port number, then yes you will need a virtual serial port.  ASCOM normally talks to a COM port.  The virtual serial port software creates a COM port but all commands to it are forwarded to an IP address / port number.

    If you haven't specifically configured your computer or phone to use static IP address, then it will be using DHCP.  It is pretty unusual to not use DHCP

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