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SSP5 Double Cluster Distance Data Incorrect?

I have a question about the accuracy of the data for the Double Cluster, NGCs 869 and 884.  SSP5 lists the distances of each cluster as about 6.8 and 9.6 klyr, respectively.  However, in recent readings I ran across information that the DC is actually a binary and that their separation is only about 200-300 lyr and overall distance from us about 7.5 kly.  I have found these separation and distance statistics on several web sites.  Is there an error in the distance data in SSP5 for these two clusters?


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    Bill Tschumy

    The distance data is what is in the catalogs we use which are updated every few years.  We just can't get in the habit of correcting catalog data ourselves based upon the most recent research.  Sometimes our descriptions will have more recent data than the catalogs.

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    I see the descriptions are on target.  Understand it would a never ending job (not yours) to be updating catalog data.  Thanks for the quick response.

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