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Phobos & Deimos Discrepancy !!!!


I recently purchased „STARRY NIGHT PRO7“

The graphic quality is very good and I really enjoy the panorama horizons for planets and moons.

The "Space Missions" are breathtaking and very interresting!

I do astronomical presentations for children and "STARRY NIGHT" is very good to explain what and how it happens. Especially the "Spacecraft  Mode" gives the children a "cosmic feeling".

But when I take a look to Phobos and Deimos, with Mars in the background, I see that both moons ARE ROTATING IN THE SAME SPEED AND DIRECTION than Mars. This looks quite nice, (it looks like ballerinas doing the same movement in the same way and speed)!

But Phobos and Deimos are SHOWING ALLWAYS THE SAME SIDE to Mars!

The're NEVER rotating as shown in this program.

If you "land" on Phobos or Deimos and take a look to Mars, you can see that Mars isn't moving at all. (for example Mars doesn't rise or sets down).

This fact is true, because the moons are allways showing the same face  to Mars.

The fact is, THERE HAPPENED A BIG MISTAKE in programming the Marsmoon rotations.

Question: Can this problem be solved properly in the next time? Can this changing be made by sending updates?

Yours sincerely

Thomas B. Schwalke


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Thanks, Thomas!  This is now under review.

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