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SkyWire - Losmandy Gemini 1

I have a question about connecting SkyWire Lightning to my Losmandy Gemini 1 system. I purchased the SkyWire Lightning assuming it would fit into the same input port (DA-15, female) as the original hand controller, and did not realize the SkyWire has a DE-9 male output. Do I need to find a DE-9 to DA-15 adaptor to fit the original hand controller input or is SkyWire intended to be connected a different input port? All of the other input ports require modular connectors of various sizes: "Hand Control", "Encoders", "AutoGuider", "RS-232", "Feature"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Bill Tschumy

    Yes, you need to get a Losmandy serial cable.  It will be DB-9 on one end and a "phone cord-like" pug on the other (4P4C).  The DB-9 connects to the SkyWire and the 4P4C connects to the RS-232 jack on the control box.  The SkyWire does not replace the hand controller.

    I got mine from ScopeStuff ( but you can also get it from Losmandy.

    Note: you cannot use some random serial cable that looks like it has the right connectors.  Each manufacturer wires their pins differently.

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