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Should The 'PierroAstro' BlueTooth Adapter Be Plugged Into the EQMod Port On The Mount Or Into The RS232 Port On The Hand Controller? (Answer: RS232 Port On Hand Controller)



I have just installed SkySafari 5 plus on my Android mobile phone. I have appaired the bluetooth connection with my Sky Watcher HEQ5PRO mount through a 'PierroAstro' bluetooth adaptor. The mobile phone indicates the connection with the adaptor success.
When I connect the scope pushing SkySafari softkey, the led indicator of the adaptor changes from flashing to ON after few seconds, then the message above appears on the screen and the led of the adaptor flashes again, waiting the connection once more.
So, impossible to connect my scope.
I have chosen the 'Sw SynScan' scope type.
I had a firmware version V04.05.17, first.
I have updated it to the last version V04-39-04.

Thank you for help.


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    Bill Tschumy

    I don't know anything about that bluetooth adapter.  With SkyBT we are able to automatically program the serial parameters the mount expects.  We can likely not to that for your adapter and thus you would have to set them yourself.  This is one of the advantages of SkyBT.

    The SkyWatcher mount wants:

    9600 baud

    No parity

    8 data bits

    1 stop bit

    Generally you have to get into a terminal program and enter some command to set these.  You generally need a null modem between the BT adapter and the serial cable when talking to it from a computer.

    Sorry, we can't provide additional support for non-recommended adapters.

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    Thank you for your fast feedback Bill.

    In fact, I use this adapter for long time to drive my scope with EQMod. No issue with it, it selects automatically the SW needed parameters.

    Well, I will try to progress alone...

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    Bill Tschumy

    Do you have the adapter plugged into the EQMod port when trying to control it from SkySafari?  This will not work.  From SkySafari you need to talk to the mount through the RS-232 port in the bottom of the hand controller.  We do not support the EQMod command set that you need to talk to the mount through the other port.

    It is also possible that the serial parameters for the EQMod port might be different from that for the hand controller port.

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    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for this new post. Of course yes, it is the problem !!!

    So basic :-( I'm sorry.

    I should find the bluetooth/Multiport HC you suggest in Europe.

    Thanks again.

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