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Does Sky Safari support the losmandy Gemini 2 mount (via IP)

Does it support the losmandy Gemini 2 mount (via local internet). The Losmandy Gemini  comes with an Ethernet port as standard that you connect to your local router.  Seems logical you could tell ski safari to work with this mount without skyfi. Can you confirm you app can speak directly to this mount as long as the app and mount are on the same local network.  For expample the mount has an IP address on my subnet. 

It works through ASCOM via this type of connection. 


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    Bill Tschumy

    I can't confirm this since we don't have an Gemini 2 to test with.  I believe should work.  Hopefully another user will chime in to confirm.


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    Hans de Moor

    I can confirm it works. I do it two ways. When I'm at home my iPad connects via WIFI to a PC laptop and in turn the laptop connects via an ethernet cable to the mount. You need to use a freeware program called wifiscope to get the laptop to forward commands to the mount. When I'm in the field I use a Raspberry Pi configured as a wifi access port and have it bridge to the mount.  I use a USB WIFI adapter to set up the access point and use a short ethernet cable between the Raspberry Pi and the mount. This performs ok, probably not as good as a SkyFi, and occassionally it seems it slows the iPad down.

    Either way the main advantage is that you can connect with the mount via its web server and use a browser on your iPad to get to all the features of the Gemini directly, and in many ways better than using the mounts hand controller.

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    John R Carter Sr

    Personally, I use a USB connection from the computer to the mount because it keeps the number of cables needed from the computer to one - I use a powered 7-port USB hub at the mount to connect all my devices. The ASCOM port assignment is COMM3.

    So my question is (because I don't want to tinker to discover on my own), using a serial to USB adapter, which port on the Gemini II controller do I plug into, and do I need a specially wired adapter?

    John Carter

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