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SkySafari 5 Pro | Using iPhone 7 + SkyWatcher AZEQ6 If Screen 'Looses Focus' Then Slewing Does Not Stop (Fixed)


Using latest SS5 on iphone 7 plus, AZEQ6, SKIFI3 and Skywatcher HC.

When slewing in any direction manually via one of direction buttons, if the screen 'looses focus' i.e. from having finger at edge, switches application, the slew continues and does not stop and will slew 'forever'. it can be stopped when reconnects and you have to press button again and initiate another manual slew to stop

let me know if need any more and issue is clear

thanks Jamie


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    Bill Tschumy

    I will see if I can reproduce.  I don't think this is anything new and it has probably had this behavior forever.


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    Bill Tschumy


    I think I've fixed this problem internally.  The fix will go out in the next release.  This is not a new bug but something that has been there since Apple added "multi-tasking" in iOS.

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