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Nextstar+ and SkyFI 3. USB cable? or USB OTG cable?

Before I do something horribly wrong... I am about to connect a SkyFi 3 to a Nexstar+ hand controller and I don't want to cause the end of the universe (if a butterfly flaps its wings and we get hurricanes, if I smoke a hand controller then the  Large Hadron Collider is obviously going to swallow this universe! ... Not a slippery slope at all)

Do I use a standard USB 2.0 A Male to USB 2.0 Mini-B? 
Or an On The Go (OTG) spec cable?

The Quick Start Guide doesn't talk about USB cables a whole lot (except for plugging into mounts with a B plug, with clarifications for iOptiron and Meade). But there is a lot of bold about things going badly is you get the connection wrong.

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    Bill Tschumy

    You should just use a standard USB-A to USB-mini (assuming you have one of the new Celestron USB hand controllers)

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