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Compass feature not working on samsung s8+

The compass and gyro functions are not working in Sky Safari 5 pro on my Samsung Galaxy 8+. When I turn on compass the screen centers on zenith and that's it. Nothing else. No matter what I do it doesn't move with the phone. Turning on the tilt compass doesn't work either and mostly just turns off the compass when you tilt the phone up. I have confirmed that other apps including a compass app work fine when using the compass or Gyro, only Sky Safari app has issues.

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    Bill Tschumy


    This is a new one for me.  Others occasionally complain that the compass is not accurate, but I don't think I've had reports that it just points at the zenith.  I don't have this device to test on so I can't say if it is specific to it.

    Could you try to capture a log file of a session when you are turning on the compass?  Try the compass and then go to Help > Email log file.  Send it to yourself and then forward it to "btschumy at simulationcurriculum dot com"


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