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Horizon panorama image orientation


I am a PhD student at Sheffield University, in England, where I am using SkySafari 5 Pro to examine archaeoastronomy at Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age monuments.
I have managed to upload a horizon panorama onto SkySafari but there doesn't appear to be any way or orientating the image with any precision.
So I am writing to ask if you could build this kind of capability into image upload to allow me to set the exact geographical orientation, azimuth and declination of 360 degree images.
It would be tremendously useful to my research work and that of others at the university if you could make this improvement.
Many thanks.


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    Bill Tschumy


    I responded to this request on Thursday via email.  I'm really not sure why what we already have is not sufficient.


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    Hi Bill,

    I was just responding to a couple of emails from Keiron Smith asking me to put my query on to the forum, that was all.

    I'm sure what you have already may be sufficient for most purposes but where the precise orientation of a prehistoric monument on screen is required it would certainly help a lot if a full range of settings for the imported image could be incorporated into the programme. It would just be easier and more accurate.


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    Ron Kramer

    Observer pro  (IOS) is my favorite and most used astro app.  It allows you to do a 360 pan to define your locations horizon. (mine is quite complex as I have so many trees).  I've always wished I could do this in SS plus.  Just last night I I tapped on several targets in SS plus, only to find my scopes horizon limits stopped the scope and dome from complying.  Because of this - I have to use Observer pro to see what's in my view and when... then change to SS+ to "goto".  Maybe I can suggest scope control to Observer pro.  ;-)

    Actually, it might be time to split SS into different apps.  One for actual observers/scope user and scope control.  Another for casual viewers who like to lay on their backs and view the sky and orbit stars and planets in the app.  For me - SS+ is bloated...  90% of what it can do I don't need or use.  And another 40% of what I do in other apps is missing.  "PRO" could lack orbiting, flying, etc... and include better observation list features, more scope features and goto restrictions for targets below our (customized) horizon. 

    My Astro-physics  APCC does this - I have defined my horizon as I did in Observer pro.  Problem is I don't use those to goto.  There is no "target" selection. Tap and goto is best done in SS+ (or pro) and yet that feature lacks personalized horizon limits.  My observer pro program is like this. (but won't goto).  I can click a point in the equtorial grid in APCC program. (500. program). And it will go to the point I click on the grid. But that is very rough and doesn't show any targets.   SO - SS+ stars the goto only to have APCC wait until the horizon objects and stops progression. (wasted time waiting for the slew to take place and dome to partially rotate).

    Custom horizon is VERY much needed for anyone using scope control. 




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