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Use Flamsteed Numbers instead of small Latin Letters.

n Skysafari 5 Basic, Please make star identification easier for us recreational stargazers and stop Main View identification of stars by mixing Latin letters with Greek letters!

Please use Flamsteed Numbers after 24 Beyer Greek letters are exausted! It is confusing when Simulation Curriculum conflicts with other respected Astronomy leaders, website and magazine and sky atlas publisher Sky & Telescope!

So please do not use small Latin Letters on Main Veiw when Flamsteed numbers are available.

Compare these three examples; h Ursae Majoris (23 UMa); c Sagittarii (62 Sgr); b Capricorni (36 Cap) and compare to and Sky & Telescope Pocket Atlas.

It is so much easier if Simulation Curriculum is using the same naming system that other Astronomy leaders are using, for example website Heavens-Above and most popular sky atlas publisher Sky & Telescope which use Flamsteed Numbers after Greek letters, ω(omega) the last of 24 Greek Letters, not to be confused with w(double u) a Latin letter! . Latin letters are easily confused with Greek letters a/α or B/β. SkySafari is supposed to be for the general public, everyone, people who have other full time jobs, other than learning confusing astro-naming systems! , so please make it easier for everyone by getting rid of the small Latin letters on main view.

Numbers 1, 2, 3, are so much easier to distinguish than mixing Latin letters with Greek letters! .

I write this long message because I love Skysafari 5 and want to make good on my word when I recommend Simulation Curriculum products to other Amateur Astronomers. And people do look to me for advise.
Last night I used my new Skysafari Plus App for first time on a first generation iPad so old it will no longer update, it too 3 trys to get the compass calibrated and tracking correctly, but once the compass tracking correctly Skysafari Plus worked perfectly,here in Jackson Hole Wyoming!
I read that one of the bug fixes was that the Info Page for t Tauri is no longer confused with info page for T Tauri, but actually it is not fixed because instead of small latin letter t Tauri you should use the Flamsteed equivalent 6 Tau and now the problem will be fixed. Everybody is identfying stars using Flamsteed numbers in place of German Astronomer Jonnes Beyer. He did it all with the naked eye, incredible great job, but Jonnes Beyer blew it when finishing the Greek Letters he started using some Latin letters.

First British Royal Asttonomer, using a telescope from Greenwich England, John Flamsteed's Star Atlas, Atlas Britanica, was published in 1675,

Sincerely, now in 2017, Skysafati is revelutionizing Astronomy just as Flamsteed and Beyer did 1600's,
Lets honor the best of both men, and get rid of what does not work; i.e. the small Latin letters!
Yes! Skysafari is the the worlds best stargazing app, and still it can be better!

Thank you
Dave White

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    Tim DeBenedictis


    The lower case latin letters are actually Bayer letters (Bayer started using them when he ran out of Greek letters for stars in a particular constellation.)  Our code prioritizes them over Flamsteed numbers, and it will be difficult to change that at this point.  As far as I'm aware, you are the only person who's mentioned this.  I will consider your suggestion for a future release of SkySafari!


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