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Newer features for StarryNight and SkySafari

1.) With New Horizons first at Pluto, and now headed to a new Kuiper belt object, and Juno at Jupiter in the news, and the STEREO twin spacecraft monitoring our sun for storm warnings, it looks like these and even newer space missions might be added to the wonderful legacy that is recorded in StarryNight.

2.) It seems like a function of recording specifics of the telescope (aperture, focal length, etc.) and eyepieces (f.l., field of view, etc) used by the owner of the software would allow a correct field of view to provide the starfield in the eyepiece so a comparison would allow the user to confirm a very dim target is indeed in the field of view.

3.)with the information in request #2, it would seem trivial to add a camera field of view with information on pixel count and size and array geometry and binning information.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you all.

Jamey Nyberg


StarryNight 7 Pro Plus

16 inch Dob, F4.5


8 inch LX90 with equatorial wedge, LPI camera and  Stella with IOS SkySafari.




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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Jamey, 

    SkySafari has its own Feature Request sub forum here:

    SkySafari | Feature Requests

    You should copy your ideas over to engage with the SkySafari community as well.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Jamey Nyberg

    First, I love SkySafari... I love the Celestron Audio feature.

    But, why does the audio cutoff when you center the object?

    And, why settle for just the objects Celestron thinks should be described. This program has  great description for most planets and deep sky objects. Use a synthetic voice to read the description AND have the description vocalized when it is centered on the planetarium page.  That is when you are at the eyepiece looking at the object. That is when ears (audio) can provide a second channel for learning.






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