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SkyFi 3 Can Serial port and USB port be used for for two separate applications at the same time?

Wow, it would be handy if cables did not have to come from telescope to computer at all. You guys have made me greedy for no connector cables near the telescope that is operating in the dark.

I can use my Android tablet w/ SkySafari Pro 5 to control the telescope. My laptop can also hook to SkyFi 3. So, can I use the USB port to control an astronomy camera at the same time as the serial port is steering the telescope? My camera is a Celestron NexImage 5mp solar system imager. Has anyone attempted this dual use yet?

My SkyFi 3 was born a Meade Stella WiFi adapter, but it successfully updated with the SkyFi 1.3.3 firmware upgrade and works perfectly with SkySafari Pro 5 on Android Kindle Fire HD. 

Thank you for any information available.



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    Jamey Nyberg

    I guess I can answer my own question. I tried using both the serial and usb ports together and crashed the system. It looks to me like both the USB and serial ports use the same IP port number (4030) so both ports cannot be active at the same time without causing an IP conflict over this single port assignment.

    I did find several USB wireless print servers that can provide the same functionality. These devices provide wireless USB connectivity over the WIFI infrastructure provided by SkyFi 3. These are fast enough to allow a camera and/or auto-guider to function at USB 2.0 speed while in a totally wireless configuration.. This is very handy for an Internet remote observatory or an imaging setup at a dark site where any wires coming from the telescope and going to a computer cause a trip hazard. Then, you have to take time to realign if any part of the mount moves with the tugged wires. 


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    Bill Tschumy


    As you have discovered, you can't use the 2 ports for different purposes.

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