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TestFlight App Redemption

I hate to have to ask this here, but the TestFlight app is asking me for an invitation code, which did not arrive by e-mail or any other form of notification to my knowledge.  Is there some universal redemption code for this group, or should I just uninstall/reinstall the app?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment

    Hi Tom,

    When your application to join the beta testing is approved you will receive an invitation to download SS6 via TestFlight.


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    Tom Polakis

    OK, uninstalling and re-installing did nothing.  It's still asking me for an invitation code.

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    Simon Klaudt

    Good morning, Keiron !

    I received my Testflight Invitation to start testing Sky Safari, and

    I started downloading, but Testflight died unexpectedly.


    May I receive another Testflight invitation so I can continue being a beta tester?




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    Bill Tschumy

    You shouldn't need another invite.  That sounds like a bug in TestFlight, not anything related to SkySafari.  I would try again, possibly after rebooting you device.

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