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"Flip" Orientation per Configurable FOV "Rings"


I would love the ability to set the flip orientation(s) i.e. "None, Horz, Vert, Both" for each configurable FOV "Rings" or even the default FOVs. 

In this way as I zoom the application with my fingers at the telescope, I can first see a naked eye view i.e. "Flip" = "none"; then when I get to my Finderscope FOV the "Flip" orientation would automatically change to what i previously set it to; then again as I zoomed further to my eyepiece FOV it would "Flip" to that specific "Flip" orientation. 

This would save a lot of time for me at the scope. I had a Palm astro program that did this for me but I no longer have that Palm device. 

I don't think people would set this if they didn't need it so confusion would be no greater than it is now. Perhaps a pop-up warning for people to remember this ias they set-it or an indicator that displays this feature as turned on would also help avoid problems for novices.At the end of the day, this is a pro app and would help pros tremendously. 

Thank so much


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    Bill Tschumy

    We can consider this for SkySafari 6 although we already have a pretty full feature set to implement.  I do think this has the potential to be confusing to users but there may be some way to do it cleanly.

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