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UX Issue - Why Do I Have Duplicate Files And How Can I Delete Them?

I am having serious issues with the way SS6 interacts with I have SS6 installed on both an iPhone 8 and my old iPad 2 mini.  My lists and observations were being happily synchronised through iCloud.  I followed the instructions to transfer my lists, observations, equipment, sites, etc through iTunes file sharing from SS5 in my iPad2 to my PC and then back to the iPad in SS6 which went without a glitch.

Unfortunately when I did the same on my iPhone 8, the lists, observations, etc were duplicated on and everytime I connect I get more and more!   How can I do a bulk delete of lists and observations?  The interface for is not very user friendly... :-(   I have over 100 lists to delete now and over 3000 observations to edit/delete - I cannot be doing this manually, what am I doing wrong?



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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Roberto, 

    Your SS5 files only need to be added once, to one iOS device, using iOS File Sharing.  Then syncs the data across all your devices.  Entries are duplicated if you also transfer the same SS5 files to any other iOS devices that is also synced via

    I see Bill has already requested your Cloud Storage ID to fix this.

    Thanks for your patience.

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