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Exporting observations from Sky Safari Pro

Hello. I need the ability to export my individual observations out of SSP. Is there an export function I am missing? I'd like to export all the data contained in my observations but I'm not sure where to do this. This would be very usefully if say you had two machines running SSP and you wanted to log your night's observations on one machine(ipad), export and email those observations and import them on another device(laptop).

I found myself upgrading my Mac laptop and could not find where to export my log. I had lengthy comments about objects and such in the software that I had to manually copy/paste in an excel doc to save. Now to "import" those on to my new laptop I'd have to basically go object by object and relog each one and set the seeing, transparency, etc.. Can someone point me to the export feature for this? Thanks.



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    Bill Tschumy


    If you have SkySafari 5, it is able to share all your observing lists and observation in iCloud.  You just need to enable that in the Storage settings.  You can read about this in the Help.

    There is also an "export" function on the Mac.  Select one of your lists and chose "Export to File System" from the More button.  To put this on the iPad you would have to use iTunes File Sharing.

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