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Where Can I Get A Meade RS232 Cable For My LX 200 + SkySafari 5 + SkyWire?

I have a used Meade LX200 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain, which i believe to be 10 years old. The hand controller only has 1 port. I believe, according to your video's, that I need a newer model controller. Exactly which model, and where can I buy one?
Assuming that I am able to obtain one, can I then use either the SkyFi or the SkyWire connection device?
I have an Apple iPhone 8
Many thanks: John


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    John Criton

    I should also add to my above question, that The picture of the 

    SkyWire Lightning Serial Accessory

    as shown on the website, has a serial port connector. My scope only has RS-232 slots that resemble telephone wire connectors......therein lies the confusion.

    Is there an adapter that will allow this serial port to connect into an RS-232 port?

    Thanks: John

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    Keiron Smith

    Hi John,

    If your Meade hand controller has an RS232 port then you can get the SkyWire w/ lightning serial accessory + a Meade Serial-to-RS232 cable from us here:

    That will do it.



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