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Why Do Open Cluster Stock 23 And Kemble's Cascade Show In Search Results But Don't Show On Screen?

I'm noticing some objects like open cluster Stock 23 or Kemble's Cascade don't show on screen but come up in a search. I see other Stock clusters like Stock 2 so why don't they all show? I don't see anything in settings but maybe I'm missing something? I'm able to add them to observing lists after the search but it seems like an extra step that shouldn't be necessary. If these things are in the database, why don't they show without a search? I'm running 5 pro on iMac, iPad & iPhone.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm knocking the program. I love the program and it has been a tremendous asset for me. Just wondering if there is a fix for this small issue.



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    Bill Tschumy

    Stock 23 and Kemble's Cascade have an "Unknown" visual magnitude and that is why they are not normally displayed on the chart (unless they are the selected object). If we displayed all the objects with unknown magnitudes then the chart would be flooded with obscure objects.

    In SkySafari 6 we have added an "Unlimited" magnitude setting that will display everything even if it doesn't have a magnitude.  However SS6 is not yet available for the Mac.  If syncing of observing lists between Mac and iOS is important to you then you might want to hold off updating to SS6 on iOS until the Mac version is available (in about 2 months).

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    John S

    Thanks for the fast response. Things can get a bit cluttered when there is too much info so I understand. Having unlimited mag setting will be a good solution. If I stumble on something I can use the unlimited setting to check if it has a name. At time's I wasn't sure if things I came across were named object's so I had to refer to the idsa to check. I will wait for the Mac version. I do have everything syncing nicely right now.

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