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Can I align using the hand controller to get accurate pointing in SkySafari

I am using SkySafari 5 Plus on iOS to connect to a Celestron Advanced VX mount via the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi dongle. I can successfully connect to the mount and drive it around using SkySafari. I would prefer to do the initial alignment via the NexStar+ hand controller to avoid needing to use the terrible touch interface in SkySafari to do the alignment. However, if I use the hand controller and build the pointing model inside the hand controller, is SkySafari then able to benefit from that model to obtain accurate pointing?


Another way of asking it is can I do a Two Star Alignment (plus Calibration stars) using the NexStar+ hand controller and then still get accurate GOTOs by selecting objects in SkySafari?


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    Bill Tschumy

    No, for the Celestron Wi-Fi option, you cannot align via the hand controller and then connect using SkySafari.  Not only will SkySafari not use the hand controller's alignment model, the two systems will fight each other, causing problems.  This is the way Celestron designed this interface.

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    Two questions then:


    When I turn on the on the mount, the hand controller immediate asks to start the alignment process. What do I do about that?

    While doing in the alignment in SkySafari, can I center the stars using the directional buttons on the hand controller directional buttons since the directional buttons on a touch screen that you can't see or feel while your eye is at the eyepiece is one of the worst user interface decisions ever made?

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