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Photo-realistic Lunar Terminator, all phases

Feature request:

I use the following images all the time when observing the much easier to ID features than with the LRO texture in Starry Night which does not show crater illumination according to phase and observer location (earth):

Even higher resolution images than the above and at more frequent intervals, or

a 3D illumination model that is better at 'crater rim sunrise/sunset', etc.

would make using Starry Night for observing the moon a very powerful tool (especially for younger observers like my son)....

high res image examples:

Sun angle dramatically changes the appearance of features on the moon & the current phase illumination method in Starry Night does not currently get close to what is possible especially with crater rims, mountains, etc at terminator sunrise & sunset...this makes feature identification much more challenging.

Please see photo v SN moon comparison at the following link as an example & also let me know your thoughts on this topic/request.

Thank you, Chadwick

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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Chad, for sharing your vision for Starry Night. 

    We can look at improving this for V8.

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