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What are the upgrade paths available for owners of old versions of SkySafariPro?

I am a registered owner of an older version of SkySafariPro (version 1.8 when the publisher was Southern Stars).  The registration number is -deleted- and the date of the application is Feb. 2013.  I'd like to find out if there is an upgrade path available to me from this version to one of the modern versions.  Somehow I was never aware or notified about changes in the publisher and versions of SkySafari over the past few years, although I am a registered user of the latest iOS app version.  Thanks for any advice.

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    Bill Tschumy


    The Mac version of SkySafari has been sold exclusively on the Mac app store for the past 5 years or so.  Apple has no mechanism for providing upgrade pricing.  Generally we run a half-price sale for the first month after a new release to help people upgrade.  We try to notify people via email and in-app notifications (we will also post on this forum).  If you have the latest iOS version you should have been notified of new Mac versions as well unless you have disabled notifications.

    You can also join our mailing list to be notified of sales and new versions.  Go to '" and wait 5 second for the popup at the bottom to be display.  That will let yo enter your email address to join the list.

    As it turns out, we are running a half price sale on the Mac version right now so this is a good time to upgrade.

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