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Apple watch app doesn't indicate non current date or location for data.

When using the apple watch app the user is almost certainly wanting the information for the current location and time.
However, the watch app, displays the information for the location and time set on the iPhone app. Even worse there is no indication of what location and time the info is displaying for on the watch!
Ideally the watch would always display (or have an option to always display) the current info.
At a minimum, the watch should indicate the time and place the info is valid for.


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    It appears the current data is only sent when the watch app is installed. To update the data, one has to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Obviously, a developer issue.

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    Bill Tschumy

    I don't understand your comment.  The watch app doesn't have any "data".  It gets it all from the iPhone app.  You should never have to uninstall the watch app to get anything refreshed.

    It is a problem that the watch app shows the data for whatever time the iPhone app is set to.  We will try to correct that before too long.

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