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StarSense + SkySafari 5 Pro + SkyFi 3 ??


I am presently using my Celestron C8 with SkySafari 5 Pro connected through the Celestron wifi adapter.
This means I have to star calibrate using SS5 and use the up-down/right-left  arrows on my iPad. This takes a lot of time and is often
causing me to use a coarse language.

I cannot use my Celestron StarSense as I have to use the selective User Auto Alignment procedure (lots of obstructions
I have to avoid) and this mode is obviously not implemented in SkySafari.

If I were to star align with my StarSense in User Auto Alignment mode and then connect Sky Safari through SkyFi 3
would the calibration be usable in SkySafari?  From reading the manual for SkyFi 3 and some discussions I understand that it will use the
calibration already done in the telescope??  Is this correct ??  

If this will work I will immediately buy a SkyFi 3. 








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    Keiron Smith

    Hi Anders, 

    Yes, you can align using the StarSense hand controller and then connect via SkySafari + SkyFi 3.  That works.

    However, there is an option to manually align (what you call User Auto Alignment) StarSense via the SkySafari app when connected via Celestron WiFi.  You need to press the Celestron icon (on the SkySafari Scope control panel) to access the StarSense submenu with options for manual alignment.  

    Please try that and let me know if it works for you.



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    Anders Ohman

    Hi Keiron and thanks for your answer.

    I was not aware that I could select manual star sense align mode in Sky Safari and your information will save me a lot of
    time when I align next time using StarSense. Thanks!!  I cannot use full auto align due to obstructions blocking the sky.
    I have tried "full auto" a number of times and always got "Alignment failed".

    Unfortunately the (for me) best alignment mode - User Auto Align - is not available.
    This is a save of a manual alignment session which can be reused every time I setup the scope and align.
    As I always observe from my backyard the obstructions are always in the same place and when reusing the
    manual session I can get a very good automatic alignment in three minutes.

    I suppose a save of a manual alignment session  is more complicated to implement by Celestron but this would be a really fantastic option to get in the future.

    I will test the manual StarSense alignment together with SkySafari as soon as I get clear skies! 






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    Keiron Smith

    Thanks, Anders.  Please post your feedback here so others can learn from your experience.  Clear skies!

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