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SkyFi 3 | Cannot Connect To Windows 10 Ad Hoc Network (Answer: Now Not Possible On Some Windows 10)

 It looks like I have hit a dead end with the latest update of Windows 10.  My computer shop tells me there is a problem with the wireless driver in new windows 10 version and in this version of windows he can not make the laptop see my Skyfi unit, can not make it see ad hoc.  He can do it with older versions of windows but that soon as it updates it will quit working.  This is a brand new Dell and I have not had it set up before.  Same guy did get my old crashed laptop to see ad hoc.  I am sure there are a lot of folks who have or will have this problem with windows 10.

Anybody crossed this bridge with a updated windows 10.

I would just stay with an Ipad if it could import observing lists from Skytools, I need to do my home work and see it Sky Safari 5 Pro can import an excel or CSV file.

For the developers...ever think about putting in a "Astronomy League Catalog" with applicable Observing program lists?? (forget things like the Lunar Program)



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