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Using Sky Safari Pro & SkyWire Lightning to Serial to connect to an Orion Atlas Mount

SkiSafari Pro running on my iPad Mini recognizes the cable when I plug it in, but I get a Cannot Connect to Mount when I plug the Serial (9 pin rs232) into the Atlas. I have selected Orion Atlas & German equitorial GoTo in the set up. Using a laptop with Windows running Eqimod the Mount runs properly, but I want to switch to SkiSafari & my iPad Mini. Not sure what is wrong. 

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    Bill Tschumy


    Are you plugging the serial cable into the bottom of the hand controller?  That is what SkySafari requires.  I believe EQMod plugs directly into the mount, right?  You also need to make sure you are using a SynScan serial cable.  I don't know the pinout of the cable you use with EQMod, but it may not be the same.  It won't hurt anything to try it though.

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