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SkySafari 5 Plus (Android) | Celestron WiFi Disconnects Result In Wandering Scope

Steps I took this evening to stop android from dropping connections:


besides the several prior steps such as Firmware updates...


1. Android won’t allow “never” as an option for the interval after which android’s display turns off. The best I can have is 30 minutes. So I took that option.

2. I turned off notifications.

3. I uninstalled Avast battery manager.

4. I went to advanced wifi settings and “turned off public notification of Wi-Fi network” after I connected to the “Celestron-DE” wifi portal.


I did not uninstall Lux Lite overlay, which had been caught restricting permission on the fly between apps which it should not do so it was on the list of apps that might be causing problems... and it did not interfere with telescope communication at all.

Problems I did have:

1. One SkySafari 5 Plus crash, once I re-opened it, we had not lost alignment.
2. Some weird SkySafari behavior four or five times not being able to slew to a target, and once we had, “wandering telescope” syndrome. We'll call these "soft crashes" (see decsriptions of those events below)
3. A major cord wrap fail. (I've tried running it with and without "Cord Wrap" selected)

Minor Incident 1.

10:02 p.m. Mountain Standard time after a quick stop at M37, a very fine dusting of stars, I'm going back to M42 which SkySafari 5 Plus was a little squirrely about finding a few minutes ago. Found it, very strange it couldn’t find it when I selected it from the Messier list but if I just wandered around the “planetarium” I could find and select orion, press and hold to bring up the context menu and select "GoTo Orion Nebula", and it slewed right to it. But selecting it from the Messier list three times in a row and it was acting like it was already looking at it.

Minor incident 2, 3, and 4: M42 was just one of the objects it did that with. Happened around four times total I believe.

Medium incident: We'll call this a medium issue since it makes it hard to leave the scope unattended long enough for a bathroom break, warm up break, etc. So it's the more disturbing event of the "minor events" and was a variety of "wild slew" I'll call "Wandering Telescope Syndrome". I had just been looking into the eyepiece and looked away to take a note using google keep. When I looked back the telescope was slowly slewing across the sky.

I just purchased SkySafari 5 Plus

I'm using a non-rooted Google Nexus 5

I have never connected any other device to the telescope.

All firmware updates are in place.

here's a link to the trouble shooting I did for about a week on CN: 

I am Noches Nubladas in that thread.

I believe I have tried running SkySafari both with the Hand Control plugged in and without and the same behavior persists.

I have set the read rate to 3 reads per second and set it for four reads per second and I see the same buggy behavior regardless.

I am using direct mode with my wifi portal.

I am going to go back to SkyPortal and see if those problem go away just to verify it is in fact SkySafari Android that is having difficulty.

i would like to look at the logs and see if mere tweaking on my part, either android settings or SkySafari 5 settings so I haven't entirely given up on SkySafari yet.

Once I confirm that SkyPortal doesn't have the same issues, I'll go back to testing SkySafari and produce some logs and try to tweak it.

Beyond that, if I can't tweak it into perfection, I'll have to switch back to SkyPortal till you guys find the bug and kill it.


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