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SkySafari 6 Pro | Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Fails (But SkySafari 5 Works Every Time)

Hi, I've just purchased SkySafari 6 Pro from the Apple Store and I get a connection failure message every time I try to connect to the telescope (Celestron 8SE).  If I open up SkyPortal 5 it connects immediately and every time - any suggestions?


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    Bill Tschumy


    What scope type did you chose?  You need to pick Celestron Wi-Fi rather than "Celestron NexStar SE" if you are going to connect wirelessly like SkyPortal does.

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    Brian Dunks

    Excellent Bill, many thanks, that did the trick!

    Kind regards /Brian

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    William Long

    Using SkySafari 6 Android and have same problem, even with "Celestron Wi-Fi" selection.  SkyPortal works just fine.  SkySafari report "SkySafari Pro can make a wireless connection to the scope but the scope is not responding.  Make sure scope is powered on and connected correctly.  Also make sure you selected the correct scope type."  Well, powered on, connected and correct scope type.  Help?

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