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Can I Use SkyFi 3 + Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro (USB) + Synscan Pro App? (Answer: No, SynScan Pro App Requires SynScan WiFi - Read On!)

Dear Astronomers !

I need youer help, as I do not want to make any costly mistakes !

I have just bought myself a Skywatcher EQ6-R pro mount. It is the one with the USB socket on the mount head and the controller.

Some years ago I bought a SkyFi 3 WiFi dongle that is lying around unused. The plan is, to control my mount via WiFi either with a Windows 10 Laptop and / or an Android tablet. I do have Sky Safari 6 plus and used this with my Onstep mount with great success ! Now the question is how to connect SkyFi 3 to the EQ6-R pro mount wihout damaging anything ??

As far as I understand, I can use a serial cable, connect the RJ45 to the handcontroller and the serial connector the the SkyFi 3. There is a youtube video in which someone is doing this to a AZEQ6. My mount has the additional USB port. So can I connect SkyFi 3 direktly to the mount using an usb printer cable ??

Will SkyFi 3 be able to connect to the Skywatcher Synsan Pro App ? So that I can use this App to aligne the scope ??

Will this WiFi connection work at the same time with a serial USB connection to a laptop ? Of course - as there is only one USB port I would have to connect SkyFi 3 through the hand controller to my mount (serial cable) !!


Thank you for your help !

Best regards from Germany !

Zu den Sternen !



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