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How Come Ascom Telescope Configuration Shows No Celestron Telescope Option? (Answer: Install Ascom Platform And Celestron Driver)

I just purchased Starry Night 8 Pro, and have a Celestron NexStar 11 Telescope which I've used successfully with previous versions of Starry Night (and ASCOM).

But in this new version, I bring up "Telescope Setup", then select "Configure", which brings up the "ASCOM Telescope Chooser". However, in the telescope chooser drop-down list, it only shows only the following (it does not show any telescopes...and I tried every method of trying to scroll the list):

ASCOM Dome Control

Generic Hub

Pipe Diagnostic Tool



Telescope Simulator for .NET

There are no telescopes in the drop down only those 6 items above (none of which are telescopes). In the past, my Celstron telescope was an available option in the drop down list. Is something misconfigured? 

In the past with Starry Night, I had to download some ASCOM drivers but when installing this new version, it appeared that the installer already did this. Perhaps this is my problem. In the Starry Night 8 Pro user manual, in the telescope configure section, it just says "select your telescope" and then configure it. But again, there are no telescopes for me to choose from the drop-down list (only those 6 items noted above).


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