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What Happens To The Observations Made Of Objects In Each List I Create? (Answer: Read On!)

If I record an observation in one list will it stay with the object for other lists the same object is added to? I do not want to use LiveSky, just within the app.

thanks, Cindy


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    bruce lamoreaux

    The observation is stored with the session, current observation list and object.  You would be able to see what observations you have made when you select the object but one observation does not populate the other lists that contain that object.

    I think that is what you are asking, am I right?




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    Yes I think you answered it. I would like to be able to see the observations I previously made within each new list I populate. The observation would basically stay with the object 

    Thank you,


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    Jamie Andrews

    The internal model structure, as described above, is exposed in the UI as:

    (i) With a specific object selected, choosing "show observations" from a context menu will show everything for that object, from all sessions, and for whichever observing list was used. Selecting one of the observations from the list will show details that include the associated session and observing list used, if any.

    (ii) When displaying a specific observing list, the sort/filter button allows you to display (a) only those objects with a previous observation linked to that list; (b) only those objects with no previous obervation linked to that list; (c) only those objects with no previous observation linked to any list.


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