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How Come Deep Sky Objects Are Always Displayed? (Answer: Read On!)

Hi, I Have used SF for many versions/years.

Running Skysafari 7 pro  7.1.7 (1071)  on Ipad pro 11 ", IOS 16.2

Under SETTINGS. If I set stars to OFF,   OK no Stars, If I set Milky way to Off, OK , Constellations turn on/off normal

But If I set DEEP SKY-Show Objects, Show Images to OFF your app still shows Nebula, Clusters, M xx , Galaxy..   The screen display is the same if selection is ON/OFF for Deep Sky

Note : Under Deep sky, I also have all the OBJECT TYPE SELECTION disabled . It seems All Deep sky objects are displayed no matter how the SETTINGS are set.

Any Help on this?





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    bruce lamoreaux

    Hello Steve,

    Did you turn both Deep Sky "Show Objects" and "Show Images" to off?  I don't see any deep sky objects if both are off.



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    Hi Bruce, Keiron

    Sorry. I forgot about replying back to email instead of here.

    after a lot of experimenting, it appears the Messier Objects, at least for me, 
    are always displayed. By zooming in I was able to display the dimmer
    galaxies and the bright/dark Nebula. They do toggle on/off with the
    settings. My Mistake on how it hides items on large scale view.. I had forgotten about that.

    I'm still having issues with being able  turning on/off Open / Globular clusters.

    Take care


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    bruce lamoreaux

    So if all of the switches or off you still see open and globular clusters.

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    Keiron Smith


    If you need more help please attach screenshot showing the issue.


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