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Will Starry Night Pro 6 Install On The Latest Versions Of Windows 10/11 And MacOS? (Answer: No, Please Upgrade - Read On!)

Hello everyone,

I purchased SN Pro 6 years ago and installed on a PC.  Since then I switched to an iMAC and would like to install SN on this machine.  The disk states it’s compatible with a MAC but when I insert the disk the MAC won’t read it?  Was hoping someone could assist.

Thank you


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    Keiron Smith


    SN6 is very old and not compatible with the latest versions of Windows 10/11 and MacOS.

    If you want to continue using Starry Night please upgrade to SN8.

    You will get a significant discount!

    ​Please see here:

    1. Choose your V8 program.
    2. Choose your Upgrade Discount: Pro 6
    3. Enter your previous registration:



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