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How To Search For BD Catalog Stars (Answer: Read On!)

SS6 Pro, iOS 15.6.1, iPad Air 2

The search function doesn’t work for most BD catalog stars. In particular I have never been successful searching for any star with a designation “BD +nn nnnn”.

Entering “BD -“ or simply “BD” in the search box returns a list of 10,000 stars. Entering “BD +” or any string beginning with “BD +” returns an error message. 

Any suggestions?


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    Keiron Smith


    Stars are often included in multiple star catalogs, using different designations.

    Look up your star's alternative designations and try searching with those.


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    Jim Gallt

    Thanks for the quick reply, Keiron. Unfortunately searching for an alternate designation will rarely be a useful solution in my case. I am searching for stars with known exoplanets. So far I have seen few of these stars where a standard catalog reference is readily available.

    And the few where I have found a catalog reference have generally been BD references. 

    Due to the inability to search the BD catalog I’ve had to resort to painstakingly navigating the SS view to exactly match the RA/Dec reference provided for the target star. (I also haven’t discovered a way to zero in on a target star in SS based on only coordinates).

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